August 21, 2019


Mrs Adefila

“I’ve been a customer with absolut confectionery since January, 2016. I remember quite alright that when I got there I was welcomed there and treated with utmost respect and love, their products are very profitable from, I’m not just saying financially I’m talking about health too. Absolut water has been what I sell and what I and my household drink”.



“I’ve been a staff here for two years now and the relationship between us staffs is like that of a family, the customers are cool and are the best. I’ve a lot to say but let me just say ABSOLUT CONFECTIONERY AND DRINKS LTD has been a great time for me”.



“I did a job one time with them(I’m a freelance photographer) and in my short time there I was able to witness something not really common in many organizations LOVE, I was received warmly by the staffs and for a moment I thought it was because i was just coming for the first time but I was wrong they have something other people don’t have UNDERSTANDING. And where understanding stays, love stays. ABSOLUT CONFEC, are the best”.


Madam Eunice

Been patronizing ABSOLUT WATER for a long time now and what I noticed is that I don’t stress with them, their customers are their number one priority and they always fulfill their end of the bargain. One time I ran out of water to sell around 10:00PM and I called them (my shop is around secondary school) I thought they wouldn’t be able to make it since it was late but they showed up with enough water. They deliver to my shop and to my home too.


Mr Bode

well I stay in Lagos but I still patronize ABSOLUT WATER because of their purity and customer satisfactory level. I got to know about them when I was on an assignment from work to somewhere around mowe in 2016, I was able to meet one of their staffs who referred me to their water and I got hooked at their generosity and care for customers and also their water purity. I travel a lot as the nature of my work but whenever I’m coming back to Lagos I don’t hesitate to branch to get my own share of ABSOLUT WATER”.